Celebrity Cricket League CCL 2013 Points Table

Celebrity Cricket League CCL 2013 Points Table has been updated with new results in CCL Season 3. Team Standings are changed due to Points Table of 2013 CCL. Telugu Warriors and Kerala Strikers were the first winners from Group A and topped Points table in first week of the event while Karnataka Bulldozers and Bhojpuri Dabanggs got the position in Group B Points Table. Popularity of the cricket in India, nobody can contradict from the fact that cricket has become a religion to the Indians.  Indian Premier League and much cricket in India make fans conciliate their habit. Along with the cricketers there is another class that is less or more equally important and renowned that is media, cinema and TV actors and presenters.

CCL 2013 Semi Final Schedule

CCL 3 Points Table 2013

Celebrity Cricket League 2012/13 Table

P W T L NR A Pts NetRR
1 Kerala Strikers 4 3 0 1 0 0 6 2.142
2 Telugu Warriors 4 3 0 1 0 0 6 1.960
3 Veer Marathi 4 3 0 1 0 0 6 1.233
4 Karnataka Bulldozers 4 2 0 1 1 0 5 0.985
5 Bhojpuri Dabanggs 4 2 0 2 0 0 4 -1.497
6 Chennai Rhinos 4 1 0 2 1 0 3 0.948
7 Mumbai Heroes 4 1 0 3 0 0 2 -0.915
8 Bengal Tigers 4 0 0 4 0 0 0 -4.587

Points Awarded and Column Key:
Won (W): 2
Tied (T): 1
Lost (L): 0
No Result (but play started) (NR): 1
Abandoned without a ball bowled (A): 1
Total points (Pts)
Net run rate (runs per over scored less runs per over conceded, adjusting team batting first to overs of team batting second in rain rule matches, adjusting to team’s full allocation if all out, and ignoring no result matches) (NetRR)
Order in the table:
Position of teams in the table is determined by:
Total points
Net run rate (runs per over scored less runs per over conceded, adjusting team batting first to overs of team batting second in rain rule matches, adjusting to team’s full allocation if all out, and ignoring no result matches)
Semi-Final Qualification:
1. The top 4 Teams with most points
2. If teams are tied on points then the team with better Net Run Rate (NRR) will be placed higher
3. If teams are tied on Points and Net Run Rate the winner of the head to head will qualify
Team 1 will play Team 4, Team 2 will play Team 3.


  • Won (W): 2
  • Tied (T): 1
  • Lost (L): 0
  • No Result (but play started) (NR): 1
  • Abandoned without a ball bowled (A): 1

League cricket or franchise cricket is the modern domestic tournament and IPL’s popularity perused a Serial Entrepreneur Vishnu Vardhan Induri to start a similar attractive cricket tournament. CCL (Celebrity Cricket League), a franchised based cricket tournament where the players are the celebrities of Showbiz, started in 2010.

Inaugural Season CCL:

In the inaugural season of CCL, there are four franchises partaken in the league.

  • Chennai Rhinos
  • Telugu Warriors
  • Mumbai Heroes
  • Karnataka Bulldozers

2nd Season CCL:

After a efficacious start of the CCL, two additional teams added to the 2nd season conducted between 13 January and 13 February, 2012. Hindi Film industry team named Mumbai Heroes selected Sharjah as their home ground.

3rd Season CCL:

8 franchises, additional two teams to the franchises played in the second season are taking part in the 3rd season of the CCL. Two new participants in CCL are:

  • Veer Marathi representing Marathi Film Industry.
  • Bhojpuri Dabbangs representing Bhojpuri Film Industry.

Celebrity Cricket League Season 3 Preview

Celebrity Cricket League players are nonprofessional cricketers from India, and teams are presenting their regional film industry. The popularity of the league is because of the millions of fans of celebrities from the cinema industry playing their most beloved game. Another factor that has participated in the illustriousness of the league cricket is the TV viewership of CCL matches.

Close and tied matches are culture of CCL established since 1st season of CCL, so heroes of the cinema screen may have nail-biting situation this season. It is hard to say which team can head towards victories because some new teams that are participating in the 3rd season of CCL and also some replacements that are made to the existing teams.

On the previous statistics Chennai Rhinos, the champion of the season 2, as well as of season 1 is the favourite of the tournament because of the track record it holds. Telugu Warriors and Karnataka Bulldozers are also the strong contestants of the tournament. Karnataka Bulldozers are two times runners-up of the 1st and 2nd season.

The defending champion Chennai Rhinos are fully capable of defending their title, but with the progress and maturity gained by the CCL teams, oppositions are getting stronger that is an alarming situation for the current champions.

Chennai Rhinos has been snatching final match from Karnataka Bulldozers for both seasons played, Karnataka Bulldozers may rise this time being perfect against the demand of the tournament to get title they deserve. Smart cricket is expected in the 3rd season by the non-professional but talented and capable cricketers who are providing amusement and fun in the cricket field.

The most anticipated celebrity league is on its way to gain even more popularity in its 3rd season along with some mature cricket that is obvious because of the competition that is arisen in the 3rd season.


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  2. Those who are playing with chennai rhinoes are indirectly played to lion

  3. congrats to kb for championship. But i am doubt about kb performance. They all play like a real cricketers. Also they acted in few movies only. But chennai players acted many movies as heros. So, chennai plays real ccl. But my hearty wishes and congrats to kb for their ccl championship.

    1. poda patty.bleady chennai people

  4. ufff!!!!!! Finally kb lifted the cup 2013.

  5. karnataka warriors won this ccl3

  6. all the best Kicha & team this season karnataka vl rockzzz zz z

  7. kb no down under

  8. telugu warriors team is win the tourny bcz charan teja performance is out standing bating line up so all the best for T.W

  9. kb wont show supremacy against weak like the gods own country

  10. karnatakavin sani continous this year tamilanuku kedakatha cup ungalukku kedakathu da ungaluku sangu than intha varsam engaluku kedakalana parvala nanga erkanave cup 2 times pathachu aana neenga cupa vedika than paka mudium ok next year try panunga da pakalam next time cup tamilanuke the super power tamilnadu tamilanin thiramai oor ulagam arium.

    1. Chootia, tn oout. Ktk vlw win this time

    2. lets see karnataka wil win

    3. thika muchappa saaku

    4. jai karnataka

  11. Anyone can’t beat ks

  12. All the best Victory Venkatesh and team.
    You will rock………………………………

  13. aim is required , but it should be for an correct acheivement , karnadka team will be under the kerala buldozers in the cricket ground of hyderabad

  14. kerala team will beat karnataka , they have to work with bulldozers from 10.03.2013

  15. manutd lost to real was a big disapointmnt…..
    i believe kerala strikers will defntly achieve glory….

  16. kerala strikers rulez 2013ccl….
    support them…..
    go glory kerala strikers.

  17. karnataka buldzers win this time

    1. Boss, how KB win final if they loose in semi final?

      1. r u crying after the 1st innings?

  18. this time diefntly karnataka buldozer win the cup just wait and see my all dear friends.

  19. Dis tym veer marathi will take the cup

  20. Dis tym veer marathi will take the cup.

  21. Karnataka bulldozers will be the CCL Champions

  22. kb are are cry babies in last seasons . Ev
    ethouh vikranth did mistake in last ball, kb got reball in last over. But they failed to score two runs in last. Instead of taking two runs in last rebal they are blaming channi, so it is whose mistake?

    1. this time KB themselves make mistake in semi final n themselve they go out of ccl 3…then they will cry for nothing..ha ha ha

      1. i hope in your home the buckets are not filled wit your tears and your back isnt burning right now

  23. Wish all success to team kerala and mr mohan lal………

  24. Ekach Shashwat Satya – ‘VEER MARATHI ch ha cup jinkel, baaki saglyaani ghari jaave. The deserving champions.’


    1. jay bhavani jay shivaji

  25. nayakara basavaraja

    Dont wory abt last match kb ,every day is not sunday for kerla we wl rockz

    1. kerala have madan mohan, chris gyle kuttan, indrajeeth, rajiv pille, and many more solid players…what karnataka have….crying babies…final is in bangalore it dosent mean karnataka will play in the finals…just wait till tommorow evening to watch sudeep n party crying..ha ha ha

      1. wat happened mr. rajesh? are u busy crying?



  28. KARNATAKA BULLDOZERS ee saari CCL nnu gedde gellutte.
    Karnataka will rock this time……
    Come on KB you can do it…
    Bring the cup to Home….
    All the very best………….

    1. BISCUIT

    2. thanks sir sudeep sir is super bating and captan jai karnataka


    The one & only CHENNAI team is best for all games…….. i think all are
    know this truth, like CCL & IPL etc…… this season is bad luck but turn defending champion as next year…

    1. no medam this seson kb win the tropy

  30. ccl chimpons 2013 karnataka Bulldozers
    ipl chimpons 2013 Royal challengers bangalore that s for sure
    this year ccl and ipl chimpons r Karnataka

  31. ccl chimpons 2013 karnataka Bulldozers
    ipl chimpons 2013 Royal challengers bangalore that s for sure

  32. FROM
    ccl chimpons 2013 Karnataka bulldozer
    ipl Chimpons 2013 Royal challenger banglore THAT S for sure


  34. Chennai Rhinos—- this season cheaters…

  35. Jai Maharashtra
    Veer Marathi is the Best

  36. KERALA STRIKERS……!!!!!

  37. kerala will win against karnataka in semifinal at hyderabad on march 9…sudeep will cry this time too on march 9 saturday night…kerala play finals at Bangalore

    1. no way man jus wait n see who wil gonna win.one and only karnataka wil gonna win dis series

      1. Boss, Sudeep will cry this saturday night for sure like last 2 years….Kiccha sudeep become baccha sudeep on Saturday night on Mearch 9 , 2013…ha ha ha …pls wait and watch

    2. ye Raju….Sudeep boys has talent that is why when they miss the deserved win they get emotional. My dear friend just remember last year match against kerala straikers when Sudeep roled his buldozer against them. they terrorized kerala with no strike …..but only amma remained. they didn’t cry because they knew that winning was not their cup of tea.

      1. sir, Sudeep boys has talent in, how to cry after loosing the match…I’m sure this time sudeep n party cry better then last year.. ha ha ha

    3. no way just wait and watch karnataka will winn

      1. ya …I’m just waiting to watch how sudeep cry this time after loosing the match on march 9..

    4. fine cool bro y r u worried so much about sudeep crying i hope u dont cry after the match good luck karnataka

  38. Kerala Strikers will lift the cup!!

    1. kerala will lift tea- cup not ccl cup.. chaaya chaaya…


    VEER MARATHI love you ,,, you are the only king of ccl

    1. Kerala Strikers to lift the cup!!!!

    2. veer marathi win ccl the great maratha

      1. go veer marathi

  40. kerala strikers going 2 lift d cup……. lalletta all d best..All d best KS

  41. KArnataKa BulD0Ge6$ will win this ths year edition so all fans keep watching ¿


  43. KB KB KB KB KB

    Karnataka will win & get d Cup

    1. no need to worry ram i will buy a cup with saucer and i will give a packet of biscuit also

  44. karanataka team knows how to cheat. After that they will say someone had cheated & started crying like a child so bad

    1. Baby Go n have milk & go to bed, beta…

    2. Achchu papu you are the cheaters, dont blame us puttu. WE R BULLS.

    3. no its the nature of telugu warriors not KB

    4. u wanna see again KB crying….just wait till saturday march 9

    5. KB will cry this saturday too…so plaese dont miss to watch

  45. Hai this telugu warriors going to be rock dont giveuo to any team. rock telugu warriorss

  46. I Support All way’s Veer Marathi……

  47. One&only kb kiccha’team lift the cup

  48. i support telugu warriors wait and see how the warriors will win the war and claim the battle

  49. Kerala Strikers are gone strike off CCL 2013 and take the Cup.

    GL and Play Well My team.

  50. The only winner of this CCL the Black horses, KERALA STRIKERS……

  51. If anybody find Karnataka Bulldosers anywhere, just inform.

    1. are you blind.

      1. Oh no……..

  52. I m so happy tht chennai s out of ccl… still remember hw de cheated last sesoan. Vikranth a bloody cheater…. last year
    Chennai came to semis just thru run rate against kerala strikers… but I want chennai to cum finals n lose against karnataka…guys remember onethng this time final n bengaluru sudeep will lift d cup dnt worry…

    1. DEAR SUJITH,KINDLY CHECK ITS cELEBRITY league,Chennai as Top Hero’s playing in the Team Not Two Or Three Hero’s like we karnataka Team as.telugu warriors you will Rockz i wish Two team Telugu Warriors & kerala strikers Bocz They Have Good players that To Hero’s.Vikranth Did noting wrong say,1 ball two Runs karnataka can had won game,

      1. Of course it is celebrity cricket league. But serious cricket is been played here. there coaches, physical trainers, etc. international standard umpiring, DRS system also there.
        When the things are that much serious the selection of players cannot be done according their stardom. Person should have some past cricketing experience.
        Only Mumbai heroes and Bhojpuri team has lead actors. others team players including chennai team more or less same.

    2. sudip lik my a.ss hole

      1. mind your language

      2. this shows your class

      3. Mr.Kuni, This is not the palce to show your charecter. Mind it……..

    3. Karnataka team will bulldoze the opposition in the final……only when they play to their potential. when they play at least 60%to their ability they can comprehensively win the cup.
      About cheating ……. people like Vikranth had shown that they can go to any extent. Not only that Chennai team appeals for almost every ball they bowl. there is no decency when they play. i am happy if they doesn’t come to semis for another 10 years. then only they will learn a lesson.

    4. muhammed yasin.kt

      Karnataka buldozers
      169-6(20.0 ovrs)
      kerala strikers
      170-4(19.2 ovrs)

  53. kb allways rock

  54. see what happens in todays match
    kerala strikers win by 6 wickets in to semis

    1. Right most probably kerala will win this trnment. Cause we have the 3 superstars who r going to play in semifinals eventhough it is their fist match in CCL. Lets see who rockzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz te field. Betcha kerala strikers will win

  55. Hey karnataka guys,, play well, all the very best,,even though m kerali, ill support karnataka guys..play well ..looking forward for your winning..:)

    1. To piyu
      there cmes th xact winner of two strong teamss….kerala strikers crushed karnataka bulldozers.
      U may got reply nw .. and mzt remember they r frm god own country…they r th real champs…..

    2. Da Piyu, makane ni Laletante Nattile alanennu paranjallo ennalum ni mattavanmare anallo ashamsichathu. sarikum ni nammude natukaran anenkil ithinu marupadi ezhutheda……

    3. Kerali ?? wats that? its 100 % sure that you are not a malayali, FU liar,

    4. muhammed yasin.kt

      Karnataka semi finalil muttanullath keralathinodanennu nee marakkenda

  56. only telugu wariours will win the title this year because the biggest hitter “CHARAN TEJ “is ther


  58. kerala strikers won this ccl 2013 laletten

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